Kids React to Where is Matt Edit

The Video starts while Athena just Satrets at the Video, So does Elle, Everhet and Shannon then Riley asked ''Oh is he teaching them how to dance?'' Marthy just like ''Cheerrleaders? Really?'' Royel said ''Why is he in every video?'' Darius snickers, and Lydon just stares. Asher reads the sign in the video. Paris snaps on with the music, so does Marthy. Then Athena said '' oh athens greece, cool'' Riley smiles, Dylan Dances along, so does asher. Lydon says ''oh that's awesome!'' Athena laughs and saids ''Taht's so cool! Oh my gosh that's problay the coolest one!'' Shannon Dances along and Dylan asked, ''Why are there faces Blured out?'' Elle saids ''Juggling!'' Marthy asked '' Is Juggling a Real Dance?'' Paris Said ''Oh that's where Justin Biber is from'' while sqaueling kinda. Shannon was danceing so was Everhet, Asher. And then Royel asked ''How would he get all the way to China and Texas how?'' ''How would he get all the way to those 2 places?!'' Then Marthy said ''They got that many people to do that?!'' Then Lydon said ''Wow I wanna start danceing!'' Everhet kept dancing and said ''This is Cool!'' While Dylan said ''Wow the whole world is doing it now" Asher is still danceing. and so is Shannon. Riley says ''Aw'' Paris said ''Oh Baby!'' Marthy asked ''is that his home?'' Then Royel asked ''Why is the Baby on his Head?'' Then the Video ends. Riley said '' Oh that was Cute'' Lydon pertends crying saying ''That was Beutaful'' While Giggleing.

Then Quetsion Time Begins