Paris vs Going to the Store

13-year-old Paris watched "Going to the Store!"

Paris Smith was in "Kids React to Going to the Store". She was born in 2000, and her first appearance was in "Kids React to the Duck Song." Though her natural hair color is brown, for some reason, she dyed her hair blonde.

In "Going to the Store," she was disturbed by the figure in the video which she described it as a random person creature. In the same episode she said that she didn't approve of the video and when told the title of the episode she reacted by saying "But he didn't go to a store!"


  • She was one of the kids who showed off how they figure was walking and she said she doesn't walk like that because she would get tired very quickly but it would be a good exercise routine.
  • She was 13 years old in "Going to the Store."
  • She was one of the many who said she didn't like the video.

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