Kids React to Harlem Shake Edit

KR2 Harlem Shake with Krischelle

Post Date : March 10, 2013 Episode # : 74 Kids : Bryson Lydon Sydeny Dylan Lucas Morgan.A (First Episode) Jakya (First Episode) Krishcelle Emma.R Seth Morgan

The Video Starts and Bryson just Startes. Lydon sighs, Sydeny says ''Harlem Shake'' and Then Dylan was ''Oh i don't know what harlem shake is!'' Lucas just stares at the video. so does morgan.a. Jakya said ''Some odd guy is... she gets driscted and then says ''oh okay then'' Krischelle was suprised and said ''What are they DOING?!'' Emma.R noded her head. Seth said ''There's always a naked guy, Like somewhwere in there there's a naked guy'' Morgan was suprised and Said ''AT LEAST PUTS SOME PANTS ON DUDE!''

They watched a few more then Question Time Begins

Kids in the Episode