Kids React to Girl with Funny Talent Edit

The Video Begins and Morgan just Starets, As well as Alex, Lydon and Madalyn. Jay Jay was Supsired and said ''Woah'' Emma.R was Shocked. Athena said ''Oh my Gosh how does she do That?'' Dylan said ''It's Kinda Freaky'' Elle Laughs. Jake said ''Yeah! Keep it Funk!'' Bryson Starts Dancing. Athena was laughing and said ''I can't even watch it's so funny'' Dylan said ''Wow I Can't belive you can do that'' Then the Video ends and Jake says ''That's it...That's it?'' ''And this is sussposed to be viral, this is a viral video?, THIS WHAT DONAMATES YOUTUBE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!'' Then Question Time Begins.

Kids in this Episode